Top 10 Best new vans 2020-2021 on sale in Australia 

The quest for the best new vans 2020 -2021 is defined by value-for-money and suitability for your particular business needs. Do you need the best small van? best large van? Are you looking for the best price on a new van? 

Commercial van customers used to get jibbed on safety, with leg-crushing cab-over designs sacrificing crash safety for packaging. Thankfully, those days have passed. Vans and pickup trucks alike are now equal to their passenger brethren for safety. Features like autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning and other driver assists are par for the course.

Which van has the biggest load space? Which van has the highest towing capacity? Answers to these questions and more can be found here. Whether you’re after the best new price on new van, information about electric van, we will endeavour to cover these off.

All prices are before on-road costs, unless stated otherwise.

2021 Volkswagen Caddy

Volkwagen’s litle hauler will get a heavy dose of style and refinement when it is updated, finally migrating to the group’s acclaimed MQB architecture. This will herald new mild-hybrid technology, infotainment and more innovations as seen on the Golf VIII. 

Furthermore, Volkswagen’s partnership with Ford extends to vans. Ford’s replacements for the Transit Connect and Transit Courier small vans are expected to be spun off the new Caddy.

As neither of those Fords are currently sold here, don’t expect that to change unless Ford Australia identifies a market opportunity.  Could this partnership create the best light commercial vehicle for your business?

2020 Peugeot Expert

Peugeot’s trusty medium van is one of the freshest entrants on the market. New styling pull is into line with the French lion’s passenger car offerings, such as the 308.

Starting from $36,490, the Expert is bookended by the smaller Peugeot Partner and large Boxer. This French contender for the title of best new vans 2020 has up to 5800 litres of load space and 1800kg of braked towing capacity (1300kg automatic). A warranty of five years/200,000km is included as well as roadside assistance.

Fun fact: You can still buy the 1990’s Peugeot Partner in Argentina and its Citroen Berlingo stablemate.

2021 Ford Transit

At the start of its current generation, the Transit family became a global vehicle, replacing the venerable E-Series for the first time in the USA. The Ford Transit Custom medium van handled lighter duties, while the regular Transit is large and in charge.

As with the next-generation Ranger and Amarok being converged with Ford leading the development, so too will next iteration of Transporter be merged with Transit, with the Blue Oval taking the lead role in development. 

Internationally, hybrid and plug-in hybrid Tranists are available, which may get a look in locally as the decade unfolds.

2021 Volkswagen Transporter

Development is well-underway for the current (T6) Transporter’s replacement, but it is unclear if this upcoming mid size van will be the fruit of Volkswagen and Ford’s agreement. 

Not to be confused with the electric I.D Buzz due soon, the next Transporter will be a lot more efficient than the current model with mild-hybrid technology. The Transporter’s larger brother, the Crafter full size van does not appear to factor into the joint-agreement at this stage.
This rendering from shows how it it likely to look.

next iLoad

Spy shots of the 2021 Hyundai iMax and 2021 Hyundai iLoad indicate that it may switch to a front-wheel drive platform, mirroring rivals from Ford and Volkswagen. This means driving manners are sure to benefit and much of the latest tech from Hyundai’s passenger car lineup could be used. 

Image source:

2021 Toyota HiAce

What if I told you there’s a brand new, rear-drive Toyota on sale with a six-speed manual and a lusty 3.5-litre V6 engine? That’s right, the new HiAce swaps its cab-over arrangement to become a larger, safer, more refined and modern van.
The biggest seller of the best new vans 2020 class has many safety firsts, such as pedestrian detection, forward collisionwarning and autonomous emergency braking (AEB) for low speed.

There’s also a turbo diesel engine with 130kW/420Nm and prices start from $39,740 for the petrol manual. Load capacity is up to 6200 litres for the standard LWB, but a whopping 9300 L for the Super LWB. Braked towing capacity varies between 1500kg and 1900kg, depending on model.

2021 Fiat Ducato

Little details about the Ducato’s replacement are afoot but FCA did recently detail an electric version of the venerable van. Using a 90kW electric motor and good for 350km of range, the Italian van also serves duty as a Dodge Promaster in the USA. We will keep you posted about any changes to the combustion-engined version as they come to light.

2021 Renault Kangoo

Presaged by the Renault Kangoo ZE concept, the marsupial-named van will adopt a squarer and more modern design language for its next incarnation.

One only has to look to the 2020 Renault Clio to get an idea how the interior will look, including the vertically-oriented portrait style infotainment screen.

Interestingly, Mercedes-Benz will be also be renewing the Kangoo-based Citan small van, which is not currently on sale in Australia. After the less-than-tepid reception to the X-Class locally, we doubt Mercedes-Benz Astralia will be falling over themselves to get the Citan compete in the best new vans 2020 category

 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The big Merc van received a significant renewal last year, including the vailability of a turbo-diesel V6 engine with 140kW and 440Nm. A favourite for ambulance operators – many of whom consider these the best new vans 2020 can offer.

2021 Mitsubishi Express
The current Renault Trafic has been joined recently by a badge-engineered brother — the Mitsubishi Express. Taking a shot at one of the best new vans 2020, the new Express kicks off from $40,490, but includes Mitsubishi’s renowed warranty and after-sales package of five years and 100,000km as well as their service network. A 6000 litre load area and up to two tonnes of braked towing capacity are highlights.


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